Cloud Applications

We have the infrastructure know how and work closely with our partners who are expert in their field

Are you looking for:

  • A system that delivers the benefits of traditional on-premise deployments and those of cloud hosting
  • An alternative to the Microsoft Cloud
  • A cost-effective way to provide resources to all of our employees in one centralised location


You CAN Share Your Company Files easily and securely with your staff and remote offices without any servers on your premises with Datanet CloudFiles

Do you get asked:
• Can I access my data from anywhere? (Remote Access)
• Can I access my data offline? (Offline Access)
• Can I access my file server remotely? (Remote Access to File Server)
• Can I use my iPhone, Android, or Windows phone to access my business data? (Mobile Access)
• Can I collaborate with colleagues inside and outside my company? (collaborative file sharing)
• Find out more about CloudFiles here

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