Cloud Applications

We have the infrastructure know how and work closely with our partners who are expert in their field

Are you looking for:

  • A system that delivers the benefits of traditional on-premise deployments and those of cloud hosting
  • An alternative to the Microsoft Cloud
  • A cost-effective way to provide resources to all of our employees in one centralised location

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Datanet currently host over 500 users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a private tailored cloud. Clients who require a high degree of customisation and integration, which would historically only be available in an on-premise system, can now benefit from the advantages of cloud hosting in addition to the flexibility and customisation opportunities of on-premise deployment.

Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange is a communication platform for business, combining email, calendars, meetings, mobile syncing and more. Replace your in-house mail server with hosted Microsoft exchange. Datanet will take care of all the licensing, maintenance and support taking the hassle away from running your own in-house mail server

Microsoft Skype

For instant messaging, conference calls, voice over IP, a hosted Microsoft Skype application can reduce your corporate travel costs by providing a tool for meetings, screen shares, chat, video calls and phone calls. Hosted in the cloud, you have the advantage of only paying for the users you want and no need to worry about maintenance, updates or patches. Microsoft has also released android, Apple and Samsung applications that integrate directly with the Hosted Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft Sharepoint

An Office 365 plan, or the standalone SharePoint hosted service gives your clients’ employees the option to create sites to share documents and information with colleagues, partners, and customers. For clients who require a high degree of integration and customisation, our private cloud solutions can deliver a deployment in the cloud which also provides all the benefits of an on-premise solution.

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