Why Choose VMware vSAN

vSAN is VMware’s software-defined storage solution for HCI (HyperConverged Infrastructure), it is the only natively integrated storage software for vSphere.

The not so technical and commercial argument: So you already use VMware and understand and appreciate the benefits and efficiencies of virtualisation such as reduced hardware requirement, easier management, better use of resource. But you still have to manage all that hardware even with virtualisation, typically you have the compute hardware, then you have the storage array and they both need different skills and experience and of course there is still the networking piece to complicate things further. So you need three expert members of staff 1. Compute 2. Storage 3. Networking. Then comes along this new technology HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) which pulls all this hardware together using one simple interface so one member of IT staff can look after it with one set of skills and one easy to manage interface and, as a real bonus, it all performs better, faster and more reliably.. Now that’s HCI and it is available from Nutanix, HPE and VMware and they all have their own advantages. If you’re not already a VMware user, then Nutanix has some real benefits such as ease of use and whilst the Nutanix software is not cheap the AHV Acropolis hypervisor is free unlike VMware. On the other hand if you are already using and familiar with VMware and all your applications and services run happily on VMware, then guess what, VMware have a HCI solution too called vSAN. vSAN is natively integrated with VMware making it the ideal choice for VMware virtual machine environments, you are already familiar with the interface and how things work and because it is optimised for vSphere you can be sure you’re going to get high performance and availability of critical applications and services. Furthermore, continuing with VMware and vSAN may allow you to maximise your existing licenses and training investment. Datanet offer Nutanix and vSAN solutions, both multi-tenant and dedicated to your needs and we can host it for you, help setting it all up, manage it for you and even supply the HCI hardware in our M3 data centre just outside London.

Mark Jennings our Infrastructure Technical Lead had this to add: Nutanix is much simpler to manage partly because it has a newer/cleaner interface, but also because it is not as feature rich as VMware – but you may not need these additional features. VMware is like Meccano (or perhaps more people know what Lego Technic is) – you can build almost anything with it but it will take you some time and you might need to buy a lot of it…

vSAN is natively integrated with VMware vSphere making it the ideal choice for VMware virtual machines. vSAN is HCI dedicated and optimised for vSphere VM’s to ensure predictable high performance and availability of critical applications and services and all with just a few mouse clicks.

vSAN Foundation

So, tell me more, why should I choose vSAN for my HCI VMware environment?

  • Seamlessly deploy, operate and manage with vSphere and vCenter integration • One Tool One Team
  • Native HCI encryption delivers cost savings and simplified key management
  • Out of the box compatibility with services: Backup, Replication, HA & DR
  • Native Integration with vSphere and vSAN providing • 2X CPU and 3X Memory Efficiency • Native vMotion and DRS • Simple, single management pane
  • Native Data-at-Rest Encryption • Native HCI security • Hardware independent, does not require self-encrypting drives • Works seamlessly with space efficiency features like deduplication and compression
  • Lower Costs, experience the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure with the lowest cost per IOPS
  • Operationally Simple, roll out infrastructure and applications with ease and limited training
  • Experience faster learning curve as vSAN is part of the VMware, vSphere and vCenter family
    VMware vSAN is the smart choice for businesses and enterprises with a VMware environment. Its agility allows flexibility as you grow and upgrade or add new applications. It’s simple to deploy and easy to use so together with Datanet makes management simple and straightforward. It also safeguards your enterprise’s confidential data through kernel level encryption and provides virtualised networks and security through native NSX.

    Why choose Datanet for vSAN
    Datanet specialises in VMware hosting and our vSAN environments are built with the latest NVMe SSD’s. All Flash vSAN is stunningly fast and capable of 150k IOPS per host and Datanet takes that a level higher with All Flash using NVMe.


    Watch the vSAN infographic here, best watched full screen:


    You can also read the vSAN data sheet here (pdf)


    Trust Datanet with your VMware vSAN Hosting

    Get your VMware vSAN All Flash NVMe SSD Hosting at Datanet in our UK secure, modern, accommodating and helpful M3 data centre

    • VMware vSAN Hosting in private dedicated rack space in our M3 data centre with lots of room to scale
    • We specialise in vSAN HyperConverged Infrastructure
    • vSAN Hosting complemented by desk space, work space, BC/DR space and meeting rooms
    • Datanet have been hosting business critical applications for over twenty years
    • We own and operate our own data centre with a special focus on vSAN and HCI Hosting
    • HCI customers can have dedicated layer 2 connections from your offices to your rack space in our data centre, bringing your VMware vSAN hosting on-net to your office LAN
    • vSAN HCI customers benefit from generous bandwidth, generous power to your rack space and generous remote hands support, all together maximising the performance of your VMware vSAN solution
    • We have experienced VMware engineers on site to look after your environment
    • As well as our own Fleet data centre, we also have resilience covered with vSAN Hosting in two London data centres (THN & HEX) and our partner site CIX.ie in the south of Ireland
    • We are very accommodating and helpful, we want to make your stay at Datanet more like a hotel than a retirement home, you’re not locked in and we will even help you on your way when the time comes

    To find out more about how Datanet can help, call Jeremy or Conleth on 01252 810010, or email sales@cloud.datanet.uk or simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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