Renewable Energy – powering our data centre

Datanet Fleet Data Centre “AHF” runs on electricity from 100% renewable resources. Renewable energy is produced from renewable carbon neutral resources like sunlight, wind, waves, hydro and geothermal heat. Clearly better than energy from fossil fuels (e.g. oil and coal) because they produce CO2 contributing to global warming

Data Centres like AHF use a lot of electricity so it is important that we do our bit for the environment and what better way to do that than by using electricity from 100% renewable resources.

Datanet AHF Data Centre powered by 100% ScottishPower renewable energy – OFGEM REGO certified by Deloitte –

Renewable Energy

Our Data Centre electricity powered by 100% Renewable Energy

  • Datanet can now announce that from 1st November we will be using 100% renewable energy from our supplier ScottishPower
  • This is as certified by REGO (OFGEM certified Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) and assured by Deloitte
  • Deloitte REGO Assurance available here
  • As a customer of Datanet this will help with your carbon footprint or any sustainability and environmental initiatives you may be pursuing
  • There are other things that we are doing too, like more remote hands support so reducing the need for you to drive to the data centre, just send us your bits and pieces and we will fit them in the rack for you, all reasonable requests accepted
  • We use a Lossnay heat exchanger to bring fresh air into the office and data centre at the same temperature as the stale air being ehhausted
  • We are investing in newer, cleaner cooling systems for the data centre to reduce our PUE (power usage effectiveness, the ratio of total power used versus the compute/network hosting element) to as little as 1.3 which is at the cutting edge of our industry targets

You can be a part of our journey to sustainability and net zero carbon. Speak with us today about any IT kit you want hosted in our data centre even in the short term, maybe time to move out of your in house server room or just move all those desktop PC’s and servers to our environmentally friendly data centre.

To find out more about how Datanet can help, call Jeremy or Conleth on 01252 810010, or email or simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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