Remote Intelligent Hands – how we help customers stay away from the data centre

We go above and beyond every day for our customers and actually going above and beyond is normal and no more than our customers expect from their trusted accommodating and helpful Hosting partner.

Datanet has been providing hosting and connectivity solutions to UK business since 1996 and we know that, along with sensible pricing, what business like yours really need is a helpful, accommodating, knowledgeable hosting and cloud partner.

Datanet can provide you with full 47U racks i.e. 47 locations for a 1U or standard server, that is quite a lot of space. The next step down in terms of space is the ⅓ (one-third) rack, this is a 47U rack divided in three along with separating plates so 14U with individual doors and separating shelves, each with its own lockable door, a pair of diverse power feeds and a pair of redundant 1Gb internet feeds, oh yes and 24×7 access and support.

Having trusted your important IT equipment to us, what happens when something needs doing? We can help with that too, what you can’t do remotely we will help with our intelligent hands service. Here are a few example of the hundreds of jobs we have done for our customers during lockdown:-

Helping Hands

Datanet Intelligent Hands helping with your rack

  • Installed additional customer devices delivered to us here at Aspen House
  • Dispatched warranty replacement faulty equipment back to manufacturer
  • Swapped and added RAM, Hard Drives and repatched Cables
  • Power-cycled servers, routers, switches and firewalls
  • Audited rack contents
  • Allocated/configured IP’s
  • Escorted 3rd party engineers to customer racks
  • Helped customers access devices that they had lost passwords for!!!
  • Configured and shipped routers, switches and firewalls to customer sites
  • Received goods and deliveries and kept them safe for you (and reminded you about them)
  • Here for you on the end of the phone 24×7 when you needed us
  • Tested, cleaned up and locked up after ourselves and kept you informed


And if you have forgotten something, whether you are on site or not, we can help with that too:-

  • Patch leads, Ethernet couplers, Cross connects
  • Power leads / C13 adapter / C19 adapter/ cloverleaf
  • Cage nuts and screw drivers
  • Helping Hands

    Datanet Intelligent Hands helping with your rack

  • Cable ties, torch
  • Rack shelves (small charge)
  • Helpful people (someone to lift and shift the server)
  • Trolley for moving servers
  • Ear defenders / ear plugs
  • VGA to DVI / HDMI adapter
  • WiFi coverage on data centre floor
  • Water and soft drinks in build room
  • Build room with work bench, power and Internet
  • Crash cart with KVM
  • Phone charger cables (selection)
  • Shower room
  • Good access and parking
  • Or just send us your bits and pieces and we will fit them in the rack for you, all reasonable requests accepted

    To find out more about how Datanet can help, call Jeremy or Conleth on 01252 810010, or email or simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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