Get_a_quote_2Rack Space - 14U - One Third Rack

Our HQ data centre was completed in 2010 and is located just 16 miles outside the west side of the M25, near London but not too near.

  • Compact yet powerful
  • Self-contained 14U section of a full rack
  • Secure, lockable compartments


Your 1/3 rack is a self contained 14U section of a much larger 47U high, 700mm wide and 1000mm deep rack complete with a pair of diverse 1Gb connections to the Internet and available with either 5A(~1.25kW), 6A (~1.5kW), 7A (~1.75kW) or 8A (2kW) of diversely fed power. We have a very high rack to power ratio here at our AHF data centre, so, unlike other data centres, we supply power to your rack over a pair of diverse 32A (8kW) feeds.

Our on-site engineers and Facilities Manager will help you prepare your new 14U rack space and we have plenty of parking and loading and delivery facilities here on-site.

For further information, please read the specification of the Aspen House Data Centre and if you have any questions, please call us on 01252 810010 .

Call our team today on 01252 810010 to find out more about your hosting options