What is colocation and why do our customers use colocation ?

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At Datanet we have a variety of customers who use colocation services to their advantage in many different ways. colocation is all about housing your critical equipment in a resilient data centre with diverse power, cooling and connectivity. In this article we take a look at some of the uses of colocation implemented by three of our customers to highlight a few of the many positive advantages of offsite colocation.

Colocation as part of your Business Continuity Plan

One of our business customers, operating from central London, uses our colocation as part of their business continuity plan which requires them to house their critical DR servers in a secure offsite location outside of London. The offsite hardware needs to be close enough for them to get to quickly if needs be and Datanet’s London Edge data centre is ideally situated to this end. They also backup all their data to Datanet’s Dell EqualLogic  storage arrays and in the event of a loss of infrastructure in London they will come to the Datanet offices to restore all their valuable data onto the hardware which is housed in a rack in the data centre i.e. colocation. The added advantage that Datanet has is that we also offer customer suites that are available to our customers.

Colocation as a Proof of Concept (PoC) Laboratory

Another of our business customers takes a significant amount of rack space to provide their Proof of Concept (PoC) laboratory services. They perform testing of various applications and hardware for their large International Telecommunications customers before releasing it into a live environment.  colocation within our Data Centre allows them to simulate a global live environment on which they can fully test these applications, software and hardware ensuring that they are delivering a finished product that will work as expected when rolled out into the real world.

Colocation to provide Managed I.T Services from the cloud

Finally, we talk about a customer who offers managed I.T. services. They take colocation to provide their customers with a resilient and secure suite of cloud services which they deliver from Datanet’s data centre. Datanet’s tier3+ data centre, with multiple onsite generators, UPS systems, cooling systems and resilient Internet connection, guarantees 99.999% uptime and they rely on this guarantee to give their customers an always-on service and availability of their applications and services at all times.



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So, as you can see, just from looking at three of our colocation customers we have highlighted a variety of uses for colocation which can benefit businesses.

Whether it is used as part of your Business Continuity Plan, to offer managed I.T. services from the cloud for your own customers or to set up a proof of concept lab to perform testing, colocation is a fundamental building block for each of these business propositions.

Datanet colocation not only offers space, power, cooling, connectivity and security but also availability of your data and services and high bandwidth.  You also have the peace of mind that on-site expert engineers are available when you need them.


Datanet has been providing customers with  colocation, Hosting & Connectivity solutions for 20+ years.  You too can benefit from the highest levels of resilience provided by our Tier 3+ London Edge Data Centre ensuring plentiful POWER, COOLING, CONNECTIVITY and SECURITY.

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